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At Caregivers with Pleasure, we understand the importance of providing your loved ones with the highest quality non-medical home care. Our dedicated team of compassionate caregivers is here to offer support, companionship, and assistance to seniors and individuals with special needs in Hiram, Georgia, and the surrounding areas.


We believe that caregiving is not just a job; it's a calling. Our caregivers are selected not only for their skills but also for their unwavering compassion and commitment to enhancing the lives of those they care for.


Every individual is unique, and so are their care needs. We work closely with you and your loved one to create personalized care plans that address specific requirements, ensuring the highest level of comfort and safety.


We offer CPR classes to empower you with life-saving skills. Whether you're a caregiver, a family member, or want to be prepared for emergencies, our classes are tailored to provide practical knowledge and hands-on training.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We take pride in being a trusted partner for families in Hiram and the surrounding communities. Caregivers with Pleasure is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care, ensuring your loved one receives the attention and support they deserve.

Explore our website to learn more about our services, CPR classes, and the compassionate team behind Caregivers with Pleasure. Your loved one’s well-being is our top priority, and we’re here to provide care with a smile.


Discover the exceptional caregiver services provided by Caregivers with Pleasure and experience compassionate care like never before.


Ready for a fulfilling career in caregiving? Join the Caregivers with Pleasure team and make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors and individuals in need. Discover exciting career opportunities and be a part of our mission.


Unlock the life-saving skills you need with Caregivers with Pleasure's CPR training services, certified by the American Heart Association (AHA).



Caregivers With Pleasure is your trusted destination for comprehensive CPR training services. As an American Heart Association (AHA) approved training site, we are dedicated to equipping individuals and healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively in critical situations. Register below to get the life saving skills you need.



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What type of activities do you enjoy doing bingo or bridge? Well, let’s go! But wait! How about biking riding, dancing, yoga, perhaps Pilates? We love encouraging these types of daily activities as part of your wellness plan. Book a free care consultation with Caregivers with Pleasure specialists to help us recognize and determine which activities will bring you happiness even if it’s merely “simple.” We will find you the perfect caregiver so that you can get back to living your life!


We believe care should be built on trust, respect, and the understanding that each senior is unique, with their own history, preferences, and needs. That's why we tailor our care services to match the individual requirements of every client, ensuring they receive the support they deserve, right in the comfort of their own home. With Caregivers with Pleasure, you're not just choosing a care provider; you're choosing a partner who is committed to delivering compassionate care.

Dementia Care

Caregivers with Pleasure will assign passionate, well-trained caregivers to assist with activities of daily living for you or a loved one. We will achieve this by keeping things simple. We focus on feelings rather than just words, and our main goal is to reassure those we love that they are safe and that we are here for them.

Licensed Bonded Insured

We want you to know that your safety and security are morally essential to us here at Caregivers with Pleasure, and we leave no stone unturned until we have reached your level of peace of mind.

Trained Caregivers

Caregivers with Pleasure is very passionate when it comes to selecting exceptional caregivers to join our team. We also provide in house training to ensure that our caregivers are confident going out on assignments. In most cases, a lead caregiver will accompany a newly assigned caregiver out on the first assignment.

What Our Clients Say

Voices of Comfort and Gratitude: What Our Clients Say about Caregivers with Pleasure Home Care

The caregivers were not just professionals; they were like family. Their compassion and dedication were evident in every interaction. They made my mother feel comfortable and respected her independence, which was so important to her. I cannot express how grateful my family and I are for the exceptional care provided by Caregivers with Pleasure Home Care. 

Caregivers Client 

I recently completed the CPR training course offered by Caregivers with Pleasure Home Care, and I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable this experience has been. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also incredibly patient and encouraging. They created a comfortable learning environment, making it easy for me to grasp the techniques and feel confident in my abilities. This training has given me a newfound sense of empowerment.

CPR Trainee

The entire team at Caregivers with Pleasure was responsive, attentive, and flexible in meeting our evolving needs. Their commitment to ensuring my mother’s well-being allowed us to have peace of mind during a challenging time. I wholeheartedly recommend Caregivers with Pleasure Home Care to anyone seeking reliable care for their loved ones.

Caregivers Client

Live/24-7 Support

You can rest assured knowing that our in-home care team is here to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and our dedicated caregivers are always on standby, ready to provide assistance, guidance, and support whenever you need it.

Certified Nursing Assistance

Our in home caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants, also CPR, and Food Safety Certified. They receive continuing education to ensure that they are up to date with new ways to perform outstanding services for you or a loved one.

Continuity Care

Often-times you or a loved one may start to require more continuous in home care around-the-clock. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered with our 24-hour live-in senior care service.


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